25 really rice POP STAR Buddha?s

like a classic pop song you can sing along with after only one listen, upon discovering these pop stars rice bags, I knew instantly that they were destined to write their own song upon a wall.

Great pop songs are memorable as a result of being simply constructed. guitar, drums, bass and a sing a long chorus. Think of the Rolling Stones and Satisfaction, Beatles and 8 days a Week, the Beach Boys and Surfin; USA. You get everything you need and nothing you don?t with a top ten pop song. Their beauty is their simplicity. Get the picture?

Pop Art has much the same concept as Pop Music, a catchy riff (subject) and some rhytm (repetition) and soon the song (art work) comes into play. If it all comes together, you might even have a hit on your hands.

Here Buddha is having fun; he is literally on Top of the POPS. Art can be fun. Art can be simple. Art can be beautiful. Hopefully I have captured these 3 qualities with this artwork. Do the POP STAR Buddhas make you smile?

Working with multiply images allows whoever has the artwork to play with the composition, actually composing the art work, as a musician does with the chord which gives us a melody. Here we have 25 pop stars Buddha?s. You can hang them 5x5, like pick a box, or as long drawn out note and have all 25 as a horizon along t he wall. Maybe arrange as a pyramid, 1,3,5,7,9?..the combinations are endless. Ask your friend to play with the art, get the kids involved too, they have a unique perspective from their height and lack of conditioning.

Coca colas and Bintang beers stacked row upon row at warung, ripe mangoes for sale on the side of the road, neatly arranged on a old wooden table. See what I mean.

Art is all around us. Art does not have to be hanging on a wall. Beauty inspires ART