Curicullum Vitae
Born in Munich, Germany
1970 - 1976
Study of art instruction, art history and fine arts at the University of Munich and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany
1968 - 1982
Teaching art in Munich at schools, colleges and universities
Started to live in Bali
1982 - 1983
Teaching at Fine Art's School Jakarta (IKJ) with Ma Srihadi Sudarsono and Pak Sulebar
Teaching at Federal University of Para in Belem, Brazil
Studio in Sydney

1945 Born Munich, Germany.
1970-76 Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
1968-82 Teaching arts in Munich in public schools and colleges
1982 Started to live and work in Bali, Indonesia in his own studio.
1982-84 Teaching at Academy of Fine Arts in Jakarta
1986 Teaching at Federal University of Para in Brazil.
2002 Started to live in Sydney (Australian permanent resident)


2007 Regional Gallery Gosford, NSW, Australia
Goethe Institut Sydney, Australia
2006 GoetheHaus Jakarta,Indonesia
2005 Whitebox-Kultfabrik (Retrospective) Munich, Germany
Gaya Gallery Bali, Indonesia
2004 Galerie am Eichholz Murnau, Germany
Goethe Institut Hong Kong Hong Kong, China
2003 Winsor Gallery Vancouver, Canada
Arthouse Gallery Sydney, Australia
2002 Wetterling Teo Gallery Singapore
Gaya Gallery Bali,
2001 Gallery Brennecke Berlin, Germany
Ganesha Gallery (For Seasons Resort) Bali
Duta Fine Arts Indonesia
2000 Gaya Gallery Bali, Indonesia
Club 21 Gallery Singapore
Goethe Institute Sydney, Olympic Games Installation Sydney, Australia
Booz Allen Hamilton Munich, Germany

SOLO SHOWS : From 1977 till 2000 PETER DITTMAR has shown his art in Amsterdam, Augsburg, Bali, Bandung, Basel, Belem, Geneva, Berlin, Hong Kong, Hall, Jakarta, Landeck, Melbourne, Munich, Murnau, New York, Paderborn, Rhede, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Vancouver, Vienna and Zurich. He also took part in many group-shows and ARTFAIRS in Basel, Tokyo,
Melbourne, Moskow, Singapore, Shanghai, London.

Municipal Collections of Ebersberg, Hall (Tirol) Austria and Wertingen; Municipal Gallery, Munich (Lenbachhaus); State Gallery of Modern Art; Munich; Staatliche Graphische Sammlung, Munich; Embassy of Germany, Jakarta; HYPO-Kulturstiftung, Munich; Collection of the Hypo Vereinsbank; Commerzbank; Girocreditbank (Austria); Kreissparkasse Ebersberg; Volksbank Laupheim; Ministry of Education & Arts Vienna; Ministry of Education&Arts Vienna; Dr. Earl Lu Collection, Singapore; National Art Gallery, Jakarta;. Alila Hotel, Jakarta; Duta Museum, Jakarta ; Agung Rai Museum of Arts (ARMA),Bali.; NEKA Museum of Arts, Bali; Goethe Institut Jakarta; Quantas and British Airways, 1st class lounge, Bangkok International Airport. Crown Casino Hotel, Melbourne; Como Shambhala-Begawan Giri etate, Bali, Four Seasons Resort, Bali , Sebel Pier One,Sydney,

AWARD: "Works of Excellence", China Art Expo, 1995.
MOMA, Museum of Modern Art New York opened a file on Dittmar?s work in year 2000.
1995 Dittmar published the book ?Here and Now Pausing to reflect?
2005 Dittmar published the book ?BETWEEN CULTURES?, 45 years of painting.
Solo Exhibition
1977 - 1982
Exhibitions throughout Germany,Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Indonesia
Galerie Kunst & Design, Zurich
Municipal Gallery (Graha Bhakti Budaya, TIM), Jakarta
Erasmus Huis (Dutch Cultural Institute), Jakarta
Goethe Institut, Bandung
Galleria Susanna Sassoun, Sao Paolo
Gallerie Elefant, Hall and Landeck
Goethe-Institut, Singapore
Municipal Gallery, Russelsheim
Municipal Gallery, Munich
Galerie Elefant, Hall
Gallery 97, Hongkong
ART, International Art Fair (one man show), Basel
Gallery Brennecke, Berlin
East and West Art Gallery, Melbourne
Gallery Brennecke, Berlin
Gallerie Elefant, Hall and Landeck
A.C.A.F. (participation)
"Four Artists" Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York
N.I.C.A.F. Art Fair (participation), Yokohama
China Art Expo (participation), GuangZhou,China
Award for works of excellence
Gedung Pameran Depdikbud (Municipal Gallery), Jakarta
Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA), Ubud,Bali
Galerie Maulberger, Bavaria

A.C.A.F. 5 (participation), Melbourne
East and West Art Gallery, Melbourne
Goethe Institut, Sydney
International Art Fair N.I.C.A.F. (participation), Tokyo
Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan
Quadrivium Gallery, Sydney
A.C.A.F. 6 (participation), Melbourne
West Lake Art Fair (participation), HuangZhou
Gallery East, Perth
Gallery Klaus Braun, Stuttgart
Gallery Brennecke, Berlin
International Art Fair N.I.C.A.F (participation), Tokyo
Art House Gallery, Sydney
Gallery Mathias Kampl, Munich
Australian Contemporary Art Fair,
A.C.A.F. 7 (participation), Melbourne
Club 21 Gallery, Singapore
Goethe-Institut, Olympic Games Instalations, Sydney
Gaya Gallery, Sayan, Ubud, Bali
Asian Contemporary Art Fair (participation), Singapore
Galerie Brennecke, Berlin
Duta Fine Arts Foundation, Jakarta
Ganesha Gallery Four Seasons Hotel Jimbaran, Bali
Melbourne Art Fair (A.C.A.F. 8-participation)
Wetterling Teo Gallery, Singapore
Gaya Gallery, Sayan - Ubud, Bali
Public Collections
Municipal collections of Ebersberg, Hall (Tirol), Wertingen;
Lenbachhaus, Munich;
National Art Gallery, Jakarta;
State Gallery of Modern Art, Munich;
German Embassy, Jakarta.
Collections of HYPO Cultural Foundation, Munich;
Hypo - Vereinsbank Munich; Volksbank Laupheim;
Commerzbank Nuernberg; Giro-Credit Bank Austria;
Kreissparkasse Eberberg;
Dr. Earl Lu Collection, Singapore;
Agung Rai Museum of Art, Bali;
Four Seasons Resort, Bali;
Begawan Giri Resort, Bali;
Neka Fine Art Museum, Ubud-Bali;
Crown Casino Hotel, Melbourne;
QANTAS and British Airways First Class Lounge at Bangkok International Airport;
Lobby of Pier One Park Royal Hotel, Sydney;
Alila International Design Hotel, Jakarta;
Olympic Instalation Goethe-Institute Sydney (permanent display).
In year 2000 Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) opened a file on Dittmar's work.
Music Compositions
In year 2000 "A song for five continents" by Australian composer Robert Lloyd for the olympic exhibition in Sydney. "Conserere" by Italian composer Marcello Mazzoni for Gaya Fusion of Senses. Both compositions on CD.