Curicullum Vitae
(until August 2008)

Name : Tisna Sanjaya
Place/Date of Birth : Bandung, January, 28, 1958
Address : Jl. Sersan Badjuri dalam No. 13 A Bandung 40154

Educational :
1978 ? 1979 : Fine Art Department of IKIP Bandung
1979 ? 1986 : Graphic Studio of Fine Art department at Bandung Technology
1991 ? 1994 : Diplom Freie Kunsthochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste
Braunschweig, Germany.
1997 ? 1998 : Meisterschueler by Prof. Karl Christ Schulz (DAAD fellowship)
HBK Braunschweig Germany.
2008 - : Doctoral programs at ISI Jogjakarta.

Solo Exhibitions :
1982 Drawing exhibition on Cikapundung Street , Bandung.
1988 Etching and Lithography exhibition at Soemardja gallery Bandung.
Etching, Lithography and Drawing exhibition at IKJ Gallery Jakarta.
1991 Exhibition of Etching, Drawing and Performance art at Goethe Institute
Goettingen, Germany.
1993 Exhibition of Etching, Drawing, Painting and Performance Art at Bruecke
Gallery,Braunschweig, Germany.
1995 Etching Exhibition at Cemeti Gallery, Yogyakarta.
1996 ? Installation of Growth? with 99 Magohany and Melinjo trees in Bandung
Solo and Surabaya.
1998 Etching and Lithography exhibition at Lontar gallery, Jakarta.
1999 ? Thinking with Knees? exhibition at YPK Gallery and CCF Bandung.
2000 Exhibition ? Art and Football for Peace ? Pasar Seni ITB Bandung and
Cemeti gallery Yogyakarta.
2003 Exhibition of Etching, Painting and Installation : ?Special Prayer For
The Death? at Lontar gallery, Jakarta.
2004 Exhibition of Etching, Painting and Installation, Bentara Budaya Jakarta.
2006 Graphic Exhibition, Santrian Gallery, Bali.
2007 Exhibition ?Sunset in Cigondewah? research and works with
Cigondewah citizen, Gedung YPK, Bandung.
2008 ? Incarnation? Solo exhibition at ArtSphere Jakarta

Group Exhibition :
1985 Exhibition of Asean Youth Painting Workshop Yogyakarta.
1989 Exhibition of Asian Artists Forum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
1990 Exhibition of ?Tradition - The Source Inspiration?, Fukuoka Art Museum
1991 ?Contemporary Indonesian Prints? Exhibition, Mie Perfectual Art Museum
And Hokkaido Hakodate Art Museum, Japan.
1992 ?Indonesia Art Graphic? Exhibition at am Bruehl Gallery, Gresgen, Germany.
1993 ?Asian International Art Exhibition? Fukuoka, Tagawa, Japan.
1994 6th Biennale Print and Drawing Exhibition, Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taiwan.