Imperturbably living in the center of a typhoon released by oneself. Inextricably bound up with the surrounding landscape and nevertheless uninfluenced. Unremittingly searching for the context of structures, but then suddenly surprised by intuition. Restlessly investigating into aesthetic and geometric laws, which should make art and life comprehensible. Perseveringly surrendering one self to the magical stroke of brush, relying on the possibility to call forth new worlds for one self and for others. Unimpressed by the predominant genius of the period and the dictate of art trade just sitting on a small island and listening into the subconscious.

In knowledge of the expressiveness of centuries old techniques applying layer after layer, in order to uncover the concealed layer after layer. Only in that way one can catch a glimpse of the future self and capture this moment of perception on canvas. An enigmatic fascination is spread by these faces, like a border crossing understanding of time, a calm quiet wisdom. Just in their contortion they become living beings, unmistakable individual, archetypes of the dormant subconscious. Their glare strikes the beholder to the marrow. Whether one feels pursued or protected by these eyes, observed or seen through, or whether they just look through you, is due to the structure and development of the respective personality. But the one who dares to return the gaze and becomes absorbed by these eyes will find an undreamt of gate open to the gulf of the own inner life. (Monica Ladurner)

Today the face of God has been replaced by an abstract concept of creative power. Everything has consciousness that is communicating with our own many levels. Whatever mask we apply or take off, something looks through and makes the world transparent. We are the dessert and the forest, the fire and the stone, the mountain and the river. We offer our energy to shape the images until attraction becomes awareness.