"ACTS OF WAR" SOLO EXHIBITION BY HAMAD KHALAF. Gaya Fusion as a leading contemporary art space in Bali, present ?ACTS OF WAR? a solo exhibition by Hamad Khalaf. The opening will be held on June 3rd, 2005 at 7 pm, and will be held through July 3rd, 2005. Born in Kuwait (1971) Hamad Khalaf presents the exclusive premiere of Acts of War. The works on show include installation, paintings, sculpture and wearable art. Also on show will be 5 new works from continuing series entitled ?Enemy Revisited?. Since the artist?s beginnings, War and Greek Mythology have been the dominant theme. It was the invasion of Kuwait which his career as artist. Following the liberation of Kuwait, Hamad collected over 1000 military objects abandoned by the Iraqi army and painted them like ancient Greek pottery. As his concept developed, he began juxtaposing Myth and current politics. Today, his works continues to synthesize Greek Mythology in a very contemporary way, which makes it very palpable and free of the kitsch factor we often associate with the whole ?Ancient Greek thing? Hamad Khalaf has never before exhibited in Indonesia but his work has been on the international circuit since the mid 1990?s. In 1998, UNESCO commissioned him for site ?specific installation. Acts of war will transport you to the colorful world of ancient Greek mythology, synthesized. Whether you are a fan of Greek mythology or know nothing about it other than Hercules, this show will blow you away. For a view of the artist?s earlier work, please visit www.hamadkhalaf.com Don't Miss It!!!

"Exchange Routes", a video presentation and art performace by independent visual & theatre artists from New York, USA. They are Loren Paul Caplin, Katherine Liberovskaya, Anja Mohn, JOan Evans, David Brody, robert Kaka, Amy Guggenheim, Mitchell Marco, Rob Wilson and others. It is aimed at contributing to the better understanding between the people of Indonesia and USA. Don't miss it at Gaya Gallery, January 11, 2004 at 7 pm