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Pre Bali Biennale Exhibition

August 20th - September 20th
Edifice at Gaya Fusion Art Space

Gaya Fusion is proud to pronounce to be venue partner of the largest art event Bali Biennale 2005. The First session of this event is Pre Bali Biennale which is opening on 20th of August through 20th of September 2005 and continues for the summit event Bali Biennale on the November 16th 2005 until January 4th 2006.

Edifice at Gaya Fusion Art Space
Presenting daring exploration and creation in installation art, video art, photography and art that defy academic labels and calls upon them selves as happening art or event object art.

Pre Bali Biennale celebrates the cultural pulses and dynamic that for decades have enliven the realms of visual art in Bali. With Space and Scape as the main theme, the event emphasizes its wish to acknowledge a wide range of cultural exploration, this highlights the cultural openness of the island, where cultural acculturation, enculturation, assimilation and adaptation have taken place for centuries.
In this perspective, Space and Scape refers not only to ?an empty area? or ? dimension but also, and most importantly, to the island?s entire cosmology of thoughts, particularly its ability to nurture cultural diversity and its creative struggle with contemporary ideas.
This diverse cultural cosmos is being manifested in the event through the participation of numerous painters, sculptors and artist from distinctively different era, nationalities, ethnicities or aesthetic beliefs. Moreover, the event also provides room for various new, unconventional artwork, from installation to video art.
The only similarity these artist have is their muse : the cosmos of Bali.
The Pre Bali Biennale?s exhibitions are grouped under eight sub-themes, providing the public with eight particular ? aesthetic micro ?cosmos?.

Eksa Agung Wijaya
Dalam Dunia Diam II
Mix Media
15 x 5 m
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