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For Your Consideration Only
Filippo Sciascia
20 November - 14 December 2005
Solo Exhibition by Filippo Sciascia at Cemeti Art House

Artist reprenstative from Gaya fusion Art Space Filippo Sciascia, held the exhibition at Cemeti Art House Jogjakarta on 20 November ? 14 December 2005 with the same title For Your Consideration Only.

As a contemporary visual artist, Filippo Sciascia has explored various possible media to realize his ideas. In the past several years, he has been intensely involved in creating a series of video paintings where he combines techniques of video and painting to understand ?how the eye sees? and consistently transfers images to the brain.
?For Your Consideration Only? is a parody about journeys, both physical and non-physical, which we undertake throughout our lives, and also about space, both physical and non-physical, when we find ourselves struggling to achieve something. The word ?consideration? in the context of this exhibition is an attempt to revisit these journeys and spaces.
According to Filippo, we are always attempting to make something or become something/ someone. With the need to become ?someone?, we encounter many problems because in this process, our ego is exposed. It is our ideas and concepts which formulate what we call ?ourselves?.
When we allow everything to come and go, when we see change as continual, nature in constant adaptation, we are no longer tied to our own exotic perspective. Our natural space is empty. We only cover it up with the concept of ourselves.
Filippo Sciascia was born in Palma in Montechiaro, Italy, in 1972. During the late 1990s, he exhibited his works in various galleries in Italy. In 2000, he ventured to Bali and has been managing Gaya Fusion of Senses in Ubud.

Opening night at Cemeti Art House Jogjakarta
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