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Space On Space
Made Wianta
Dec 20, 2009 - Jan 20, 2010
A Solo Exhibition By Made Wianta


Art in the exhibition space is an unchanging spectacle. It is the framing of a psychological image. It is an event that turns the visual elements in art works into actors arranged by somebody who calls himself an artist. In truth he is more a director than an artist.
Senior Balinese artist Made Wianta is one artist who considers the staging of art works within a gallery space, which he views as a place for staging an event. Wianta understands the staging of an event as would a director; the framing of space and time becomes multi-layered. Here the spectacle takes into consideration both cognitive and aesthetic factors, both of which are interconnected with intellectual awareness.


Made Wianta With Prof. DR I Made Bandem & wife on The Opening Exhibition
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