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Gaya Ceramic

Installation + Drawing
Made Wianta
July 23rd till Aug 15th 2004
Solo Exhibition by Made Wianta

Gaya Gallery, the leading contemporary art space in Bali, presents a one-man show by the universal Balinese artist Made Wianta entitled Installation + Drawing. The opening will held on Friday July 23rd 2004 at 7 pm, located at Gaya Fusion of Senses, Jalan Raya Sayan Ubud Bali.

In the formal terms, Wianta's drawings clearly reflect a search of form or shape representation, whether it comes from something basic or original in the visual world, as a modern artist with a very intense adventure presents. This is probably the unreal imagination on the real world 'shape' or something seen around us, it can be living beings, objects, things, as well as unreal visual items. We can also observe the unseen form adventures, or the unreal or spiritual in his drawings. That is the 'greget', an urge to create in an abstract manner on a two-dimensional drawing space, desire, non-objective energy that works in the distortion of creatures, and everything else that he draws. However, looking through the drawings he has done, it is clear that Wianta's concern on the real and the unreal is a certain constant to and fro wave, which believed that his representational or pictorial drawings uncertainly transformed absolutely into a progress based on spirituality in the modernism which is a flatness, where unknown forms are atomized and made picturesque.

Wianta's drawings are also heavily marked by his process of reduction and deduction whilst at the same time derive from an emotive force and feeling. Lines flow freely so as to take the essence of an object or some unseen characteristic: Lack of desire to complete in full the image that is imagined. This image focuses our attention towards things that exist in a certain world. There is a lengthening of distance from outside phenomena, in the world other than that inhabited by the artist, and Wianta's drawings are as attainable as catching a fish alive in the artists?s creative pond. Considering the strength of line and emotive signs, it can be said that the main elements of Wianta's drawing are the signs the drawings bear. In other words, for Wianta, drawing has its own inner purpose, both as as well as within the act of signification itself

Made Wianta (right) was talking about the show with an audience
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