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File 98-04
Filippo Sciascia
Aug 20 till Sep 11 2004
Solo Exhibition by Filippo Sciascia

Gaya Gallery, the leading contemporary art space in Bali, presents _FILE 98-04_, a one-man show by an Italian artist, Filippo Sciascia. The opening will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday August 20th 2004 at Gaya Fusion of Senses, J. Raya Sayan, Ubud, Bali. The exhibition will continue until September 11th 2004.

File 98-04 is the title of Filippo Sciascia_s current exhibition at Gaya Fusion of Senses in Ubud. It is also the name Filippo has given to a body of work made over the past five years, which is an ongoing research project investigating various methods of using oil paint on different surfaces such as canvas, rubber, metal, paper or sponge. All of the works are inspired by photographs and movies, which continue to be Filippo_s main source of inspiration. The aim of this work is to highlight, or create, a relationship between the media of oil painting and video which are not usually seen as related. The exhibition File 98-04 also endeavors to demonstrate how a video can be inspired by a painting and, conversely, how a video can inspire a painting. The work undertaken in the File 98-04 project has lead to some interesting results.

By experimenting with the chemicals of the oil paint itself an effect has be achieved somewhat similar to a badly restored movie or an over-exposed photograph. Some of these works require a visual effort on behalf of the viewer in focusing on the subject, for the figurative part of the images is often only realized from a distance. In these works reality has been caught by a video camera, which replaces the human eye of the artist, and has been transformed into paintings, or as Filippo refers to them as, _Video Paintings_. A synthesis of two distinct disciplines. Video and photographic technology has been changing rapidly in the last ten years, for example from Polaroid to Digital image-making, and these changes have been reflected in the different visual appearances of the File 98-04 paintings. The transformation of video into painting is presently not considered mainstream, and it has only been investigated by video artists, but it does show that the creation of art by electronic means, such as video, can soon find a permanent place in contemporary art streams.
For more information please visit www.filipposciascia.it

The opening party of Filippo Sciascia's exhibition entitled File 98-04 was attended by various visitors such as art lovers, art critics, art collector and also art students both local and international.
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