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Video Spa "Therapy For Everyday Living"
Krisna Murti
15 - 17 March 2005
Video Therapy by Krisna Murti

Gaya Fusion of Senses, the leading contemporary art space in Bali, hosted a Video Installation by Krisna Murti entitled Video Spa Therapy for Everyday Living. The opening was held on Tuesday, March 15th 2005 at 7.30 pm and run through March, 17th 2005. On March 16th & 17th Krisna Murti and Bali Ratu Spa offered a therapy for the guest, Only 3 persons can enjoy it for every 15 minutes therapy per session. The admission was free.

Solus per aqua ( SPA) is body therapy using media with water base for relaxation and freshness. In traditional we know kumkum (Javanese) or memem (Balinese). Enveloped the body in the water river or enjoyed the spring split. Next, with mix of plants ingredients, we also have boreh or lulur, which in principle is skin and body treatment to have healing effect. in city now days, spa grow as industry to full fill the stress balancing need also as a lifestyle.

Video spa is special art spa that prepared by Krisna Murti with therapy for sense of sight ,smell and voice with video technology. In special retreat room accommodate with 3 projection walls sized @ 2,4 x 3,2 M. present amount of sequins, such as waterfall, clear water pool, large lotus garden raging of fire and swishing of a wave. Only 3 person can enjoy this 15 minutes therapy. While sitting down in easy chair pillowed by aromatic. To get personal and individual condition. To get mediate effect and mental balance. Video spa also showing video without picture (DARK) for half minute. Ask the visitor to close their eyes to give space and personal time intimately.

Video spa is the latest opus of Krisna Murti as the efforts with medium video since 1990. the opus which inaugural in Jakarta before in Johnson gallery , New York January 2005. Is new round that carry visual therapy expression with take poetry method and metaphor as change of narrative prose video / film. With large of screen, visitors asked to come into watching world to the real experience world. Images which sliding action such as semiotic, wudhu, yoga and sequins imitation a couple of young people like in the 70?es movie.: blue lagoon, pleasure happiness, sensation ? spirituality or dream fact. This video spa was made for 2 years in Australia and Indonesia, meanwhile sound artist made therapy sound: Moro

The Last version of Video Spa of Krisna Murti will be held in Gaya Fusion of Senses Bali, in corporation with Bali Ratu Spa. That will be bringing the audience to feel relax.

Images of Video Spa at Gaya swiming pool
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