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Made Wianta
20 October - 12 November 2005
Solo Exhibition by Made Wianta

MADE WIANTA returns to Gaya Fusion Art Space, at Sayan, Ubud, to exhibit his latest works on October 20th until November 12th 2005. This new exhibition titled MOLECOLA is a modern & new expression based from his previous works which carry emotions, symbol & message.

In actuality, Wianta had initially planned to present a show titled REDSKIN that is still closely related to the tragedy of the Bali Bombing 2002. The works that has been prepared throughout one year period, using 1000 sheets of cow skin that Wianta had painted, intended to serve as contemplation to violence against human lives.

However, when on Saturday 1st October another bombing occurred in Jimbaran & Kuta, Wianta suddenly decided to postpone raising Redskin?s theme.

He wanted to convey a much softer message, with this new theme, by visualizing emotion?s thread from each individual just like the way of the molecules (made from one or many atoms) bonding into one destination of empathy, peaceful being and humane connection which possesses one feeling in the struggles against humanity..

Since the 1st of October incident Wianta then prepares other works which is still related with human tragedy issue through the innermost contemplation of a human being.

This message does not mean it will stop the tragedy, but at least it may alert conscience such as , in hope it will unite many people?s ambition to fight against violence.

The series of artworks Molecola are an extension & a development from his previous Calligraphy series. Wianta uses a visual language, coming directly from the heart & mind

of the artist that represent the ?psyche of our fragmented world? the cosmic energy by looking more into the Individual & its complexity. To Wianta by reading the smallest unseen particles & entities in our lives, becomes a way to reveal ?what is really in front of us?.

Taken words from ?Wild Dogs in Bali ? The Art of Wianta? by Robert C. Morgan, important art critic from NY ? USA: ?When I look at these panels where the unseen is seen I sense his link to his native Balinese culture, yet I also understand his imperative need to project or sublimate these feelings & mysteries into the realm of a scientific image, a net of fibers, laser light, communications theory, an array of constellations, interior organs of the body, the positions of cells in their active (& inactive) relationship to one another, microbes in the rivers or electrons beaming through microcosmic space & time.?

Molecola includes a display of drawings & paintings and an outdoor installation made from bamboo & rope.

Besides being actively nationally exhibited this year, Wianta had an important international show: The Sign of Paradise last June-August 2005 at Mike Weiss Gallery, New York.

And he is currently participating with Gaya Fusion Art Space to The Contemporary Asian Art Fair 2005 in Singapore.

Calligraphy and White Line
Oil on Canvas
140 cm x120 cm
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