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Shelter Me
Mella Jaarsma
7 April - 7 may 2006
Solo Exhibition by Mella Jaarsma

Gaya Fusion is proud to present the opening of ?Shelter Me?, a solo exhibition by artist Mella Jaarsma. The opening will be on April 7th, 2006 at 7 pm.

We wear a second skin every day that indicates, for instance, our membership of specific groups in our cultural, social and religious surroundings.
Everyone who confronts my work is coming at it from different backgrounds and cultures, and therefore experiencing the work in different ways. I want my work to relate to specific audiences, to deal with some of their taboos and interpretations. This takes great sensitivity, and therefore I try to find ways to open up dialogue, rather than work in a more confrontational way.

Creating cloaks and shelters are related to the history of mankind. Shelters are human habitats, physical and psychological territories found all around the world, providing protection and comfort. Civilization has layered the shelter though with many other meanings connected with wealth, status, religion, family life, notions of community and privacy. The shelter or the house is an extension of our own body, our cloths, and our personal space.
This space reflects the development from being into well-being, showing the targets in live of humans to settle and enrich themselves. This aim for prosperity and well-being is rooted in our genes and psyche.

Through my work, I try to reject the question of origin and actually deconstruct identities by producing renewable identities, seeing identity as a transient invention. I am interested in the complex notion of cultural identities that try to escape from claims of originality. I believe in flexible identities related to recent actions, where individuals are difficult to identify due to their many layers. We are like impermanent buildings with fa?ades whose insides are changeable. The second skin that we wear is like a house which we can appear from or hide in, and which we have to be ready to inhabit or to leave.

?Shelter Me? (2005), exist of four one person shelters, - a Chinese shrine, - a movable shelter with globally floating tattoo images, - a shelter made out of flexible bark referring to history and tradition, - a curtain shelter with digital images from Iran.

Besides the four shelters, there will be paintings and gouaches exhibited

The artist "Mella Jaarsma" with Mr. Diana give some speeches before the exhibition begin.
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