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Face Cancel
Roberto Coda Zabetta
7 October - 7 November 2006
Solo Exhibition by Roberto Coda Zabetta

Face Cancel By Roberto Coda Zabetta

Gaya Fusion is proud to present ?Face Cancel,? a solo show by Roberto Coda Zabetta. The exhibition opens on Saturday, 7th October 2006, at 7 pm.

Twelve ceramic faces and five large-format drawings: these constitute a single work that lures spectators into its core, a single installation created specifically for the 500m? of space at Gaya Fusion Art Space, a theatre setting that invites the public to traverse the scene and interact with the many visual and physical stimuli brought together for the occasion.

Roberto Coda Zabetta is one of the most original talents emerging from the current art scene in Italy and an unfaltering traveller: he has walked the streets of London and travelled through Indonesia in his quest for personal stories and memories; he has pushed into the heart of the Kintamani volcano to capture remote landscapes; and he has worked with cancer patients at London?s Royal Marsden Hospital (www.royalmarsden.nhs.uk/rmh), studying what chances there are of recovering from the illness, at least psychologically.

This experience led him to create first the drawings, then the ceramics: primeval faces, racked by cancer.

The gallery will also present a film by Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani (DVD, 42 min.), documenting the work by Roberto Coda Zabetta on the Kintamani volcano, and the catalogue ?PSYCHIC PERSONA,? Teatro India at Rome and Gaya Fusion, edited by Robert C. Morgan and Sergio Risaliti, published by Charta.


Roberto Coda Zabetta (Biella, 1975. Based at Milan and London) is one of the most interesting artists to emerge in Italy around the end of the Nineties; despite his young age, he has already gained major acclaim including the MiArt 2003 Young Artist Award, the invitation to take part in the Preview section of the 14th Art Quadrennial (Turin 2004) and his great one-man exhibition at Palazzo Venezia in Rome, again in 2004. His works are large canvases with black and white glazes, recently with the addition of colour, as with his one-man exhibition at the Poggiali e Forconi gallery in Florence (October 2004), but where it is impossible to achieve any shading or light and dark effects. They are renditions of faces found in the photographs he uses like a memorandum, often enveloped in reality, at times sucked up in a television-like image amidst a process of casual and neurotic amalgamation. As you gradually get closer to the canvas, the picture loses its realism, becoming action, gesture, signs.

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