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Anti Aging

June 02nd until July 02nd,2007
A collective exhibition by 15 artist of Cemeti Art House, Jogjakarta

15 Cemeti Artists at Gaya Art Space
Opening: Saturday, June 2nd, 2007, at 7 PM
Continues until July 2nd, 2007

Kafka wrote that the meaning of life is that it ends. This was not a pessimistic statement, at least not in my reading of it. It was an ontological insight. Death creates motion, a living towards an abyss that bounces meaning and structure back into any individual life. Life requires death because permanence is sterile. In a very real sense, death creates time. And time, for us four-dimensional humans, is aging.

To cheat time is to cheat death, but cheating time is tricky. It can only be done in moments, in a language that is at the other end of the spectrum from the scientific manipulations that extend life.

Art has the power to create these moments of presence, bubbles of temporary permanence without sterility. Art in both senses of the word: art as transcendent creating, and art in its original meaning of artifice, of lie, of the cheat. The best of art is the moment of ??happening.?? This happening can happen at any moment in the existence of the work. It can stay in idea form and never materialize, or the artist can be very generous with his energy and can make manifest something of his idea. The person looking at the work for the first time can have a moment; when he remembers it he can have a moment; it can be sitting above his couch or crouched in a memory that pops out sometimes. A work of art always has a life of its own if it is indeed truly a work of art. It can be something like the life of a person. A life within a life that expands time, for a moment of anti-aging.

Within the Indonesian art scene, Yogya sometimes seems like a fountain of urban energy, and Cemeti Art House has had an unequalled role in this dynamic outburst. Cemeti has given a sense of home to young and accomplished artists working to show how new ideas do, can, and should replace old ones. That sort of work can be lonely, but the artists attracted to Cemeti share this very distinctively Indonesian urban energy ?o active, vital, aware, unassuming, questioning, dedicated to a constant bold re-envisioning of their culture.

Seen together, the work by fifteen artists that Cemeti brings to Gaya Art Space in June 2007 reflects this breathlessness. It is a sum total of moments of presence, of present moments, of youth and energy with the power to cheat time.

Agus Suwage (objects, sculpture), Nindityo Adipurnomo (drawing), Christine Ay Tjoe (photography), Beatrix (painting), Eko Nugroho (drawing, embroidery, painting), Codhit (drawing, painting), Popok Triwahyudi (drawing, painting), Terra Brajaghosa (drawing, painting, video animation), FX Harsono (photography, painting), Melati Suryodarmo (photography, video performance), Jompet Kuswidananto (video art), S. Teddy D. (drawing, painting), Abdi Setiawan (sculpture), Hedi Hariyanto (sculpture, neon installation), Anusapati (sculpture)

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