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Twin Sons of Different Mothers

Oct 6th - Oct 30th, 2009
A Joint Exhibition by John O` Sullivan and Ida Bagus Indra

“Twin Sons of Different Mothers Exhibition”
By : John O` Sullivan and Ida Bagus Indra

Gaya Fusion is proud to present “Twin Sons of Different Mothers ,” a collaboration Visual Art exhibition by John O` Sullivan and Ida Bagus Indra. The exhibition opens on Saturday, 6 th October 2009, Tuesday at 7 pm.

The concept of creating a joint exhibition entitled “Twin Sons of Different Mothers” evolved over time rather than on this occasion being birthed together.

Two souls connected for over six years this time around; attracted in a desire to express and create a mixed medium offering of our past, present and future.

A sincere and divine offering of Sekala (tangible) and Niskala (intangible).

One soul from Bali of the Brahman caste and the other a Celtic spirit traveling the world in search of hiding relatives; the ultimate reconnection of souls in unison.

The spirit of the exhibition is about opposites and virtual sameness. The circle of co-existence and potential. The combination and blending of all the senses is heavily implied to provoke; not in the negative or positive sense but in a desire for upward expression of possibilities; both in the soul of the artists and the hearts of the viewer.

From the arrival, to be greeted by the generosity of 66 statues depicting different earth forms to the “soul sound bite” Poetry banners in the main gallery. A choice of runways is offered to the viewer for access. The individual works of the artists hang precariously at different angles from the ceiling defining a world of separated and alternative potential; an upside down world….literally.

The exhibition continues to unfold with the paneled wall; each piece sensitively collaborative in nature allowing space for Taksu to blossom generously and selflessly. A reunion of soul source regardless of the medium used.

Installation pieces dispersed throughout the space infer chaos in an interactive and almost humorous manner

The use of poetry and voice combined with art insightfully complements and distracts with quizzical prodding.

You are welcomed into the joyful and shared worlds of Ida Bagus Indra and John O’ Sullivan…

…Twin sons of different mothers.

Where was I before you were born?
Did your pulse ever stray from
The rhythm of our combined being?
Stars aligned nurtured the joy
Of unfamiliar twin soul birth
…as one.

When the sky opened
The earth closed
Aware of mortal coils
Sprung to prayers gilded.

The rupture of my water
Was lunar, tidal.
I was your ebb
You were my flow.

It never dawned on me
That you would awake
To the truth that life and light
Although sometimes bright,
Can fade and thaw
Like frost in my summer.

Cancel my death
I am not born yet
Either as you or me.
Mother where are you?

August 2009

John O` Sullivan and Ida Bagus Indra
Acrilic on canvas
70 x 100 cm
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